User timings tracking

This module injects $ga instance globally. You can access the instance anywhere using this.$ga (within a component), or context.$ga (for plugins, asyncData, fetch, nuxtServerInit ,and middleware)


The received parameters can be:

  • Event Object contains:
    • timingCategory - for categorizing all user timing variables into logical groups
      • Type: String
      • required
    • timingVar - identify the variable being recorded ('load' for instance)
      • Type: String
      • required
    • timingValue - number of milliseconds in elapsed time to report
      • Type: Number
      • required
    • timingLabel - used to add flexibility in visualizing user timings in the reports
      • Type: String
  timingCategory: 'category',
  timingVar: 'variable',
  timingValue: 123,
  timingLabel: 'label'

Or the Event's information can be spread directly as separate arguments, in the exact order

event(timingCategory, timingVar, timingValue, timingLabel)

For example:

this.$ga.time('category', 'variable', 123, 'label')