Page tracking

This module injects $ga instance globally. You can access the instance anywhere using this.$ga (within a component), or context.$ga (for plugins, asyncData, fetch, nuxtServerInit ,and middleware)

Automatic page tracking

Since router instance is added out of the box during installation of the module, it will handle page tracking automatically for you.

Manual page tracking


  • Type: String | Object | VueRouter instance

Track and send event on a single page.

You can read more about page tracking on Google Analytics Documentation

The most standard is to pass the page path:


Or to pass an Object containing the page details:{
  page: '/',
  title: 'Home page',
  location: window.location.href

Or to pass a VueRouter instance existing in the component. The module will auto-detect related information about the page.


For other page tracking setting up options, please refer Vue Analytics Documentation - Page tracking