Event tracking

This module injects $ga instance globally.

You can access the instance anywhere using:

  • this.$ga within a component
  • context.$ga for plugins, asyncData, nuxtServerInit and middleware


The received parameters can be:

  • Event Object contains:
    • eventCategory - the object that user interacted with.
      • Type: String
      • required
    • eventAction - the type of interaction (click, play, etc.)
      • Type: String
      • required
    • eventLabel - for categorizing events
      • Type: String
    • eventValue - a numberic value associated with the event
      • Type: Number
  eventCategory: 'category',
  eventAction: 'action',
  eventLabel: 'label',
  eventValue: 123

Or the Event's information can be spread directly as separate arguments, in the exact order

event(eventCategory, eventAction, eventLabel, eventValue)

For example:

this.$ga.event('category', 'action', 'label', 123)